Russell Brunson

Not only has the King of Funnels jumped two-feet-in with the FunnelHub strategy, he wrote a chapter about it in his upcoming book “Traffic Secrets”!


For, the primary goal for Russell was to bring together all his funnels, his movement and his media into one location. Where many of his followers had come to know his Podcast by the same name – now they were exposed to his legacy-fueled efforts to “Liberate and Educate”, his Journey as an Entrepreneur as well as his up-to-date software and training offers.

  • Dynamic Instagram Feed pulls in the latest posts
  • His next big Event is promoted front & center on the Home Page
  • The latest Podcasts are easily accessible
  • ​One Funnel Away Challenge is the clear ‘next step’ for all visitors

“A FunnelHub is an Essential part of any Funnel Business”


The Value Ladder is a key concept that Russell teaches, however many businesses are not doing a clear job of articulating it to their community. Where should your newest members begin? Where is the opportunity to grow and become successful? When you deliver value consistently through the various levels of your business – your community will want to keep coming back for more and rise all the way to the top. Visually representing this journey through a series of steps or a well-designed infographic will help others understand the roadmap. Within the FunnelHub, Russell has provided assets for his Tribe to download and engage with. Raise your hand if you want to grab some of the latest gear and ClickFunnels swag available for purchase?! The Marketing Secrets FunnelHub clearly conveys the Movement that Russell is creating and provides a pathway to get involved.



Not everyone is a Podcast person, but many are. Not everyone sees your Instagram posts, but tons do. Make sure you offer all the platforms that you are working to publish on so that you maximize the engagement. That’s exactly what Russell is doing here. From YouTube to Facebook, and every podcast platform in between, you can find all his social media value here in the Content Hub.

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