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Ever wonder how the FunnelHub came to be? We have the inside scoop and can’t wait to share it with you.


We have been designing and building FunnelHubs since 2018!


Mike Schmidt founded website design and digital marketing agency Anchor Wave in 2003. In 2018, the same year Russell Brunson killed the website, Mike and co-owner Anthony “AJ” Rivera had an epiphany. What people needed was a FunnelHub; a strategically built hub which takes advantage of all the most cutting edge marketing strategies, paired with the innovative strategies taught in Russell’s Expert Secrets.


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We're a cross-breed of Funnel Builders and Marketing Lovers

In 2018, we created our first FunnelHub for Steve Larsen, and by 2019 Russell Brunson was buying his own. Over the years, our agency has created hundreds of successful FunnelHubs. In 2022, we decided to give our tools to everyone, creating FunnelHub Launchpad to teach agencies how to create their own FunnelHubs. However, if you want the best results, you have to work with the original.

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How it all went down...

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2015: Problem Is Identified

In 2015 Mike and AJ joined Russell Brunson’s Inner Circle. Despite owning a digital marketing agency for 13 years they still felt like newbies when it came to marketing their business. On their first visit to Inner Circle they entered the room nervously, unsure what to expect or who they might bump into. There were name plates on each of the seats, but none of them looked familiar. They quickly realized that they didn’t know anything about the other members of the group! In an effort to not make a fool of themselves they frantically started searching Google for anything they could find. One by one they typed in the names they were seeing on the name plates and one by one they realized this was going to be more a lot more difficult than they thought.

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2018: Idea takes form  

It took a few years to realize that the experience they had that day was one that was having a huge impact on all of those funnel builders’ businesses. We figured out that there was a huge gap in most funnel driven business’ strategy. They didn’t have a website! You see it wasn’t just us that was searching for these people by name. There were thousands or in some cases millions of searches happening for brand related terms and all of them were going through the horrible experience we did a few years ago.

It was because of our experience with websites and our newfound understanding for funnels that we were able to create a solution for this gap which is outlined in our Shadow Sales Funnel and FunnelHub strategy. This isn’t just a theory its something that we’ve had the pleasure of building out and testing with top names such as Russell Brunson, Garrett White, Stephen Larsen, Bryan Dulaney, Brad Gibbs and countless others.

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2020: FunnelHub goes to the FHL stage  

Our tests proved to be effective in helping rank these big names on search engines. They were able to capture the leads they lost in the prospect's journey, building trust by being searchable by their name, their brand terms and their products. It was so successful that Mike and AJ were asked to share the FunnelHub and the Shadow Sales Funnel Strategy at FunnelHacking Live. 


2021: FunnelHub is built into ClickFunnels 2.0   

To say we were excited to see FunnelHub built into ClickFunnels’s new software would be an understatement.We have been able to partner with ClickFunnels on the strategy and framework layout, giving us the ability to design and create FunnelHubs with more tools available than ever before. See Mike's and others' reaction to the new software.   We are so impressed with their team's ability to create such a profound software with the needs of all FunnelHackers in mind.  

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2022: We teach agencies on how to create successful FunnelHubs!  

It is when you teach a skill that your mastery is truly tested.

In 2022, Mike & AJ were asked to teach the strategy and sales pitch of FunnelHubs to agencies looking to jump on this opportunity. This ClickFunnels training occurred via FunnelHub Launchpad. Anchor Wave's CEO, Lilly Darling, and VP, Jill King, made their ClickFunnel debut teaching the operations of creating a successful FunnelHub for any client.

We view our clients as partners—members of our team will get to know you, your business, and your goals, and we will provide full-service solutions that truly work for you.


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  • ​Founded in 2003 Offering Web Design
  • ​Started Digital Marketing Department in 2008
  • ​Invented the FunnelHub Framework in 2018
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  • ​Employs 23 Full Time Team Member Experts! 

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