Mike Schmidt and AJ Rivera

Meet Mike Schmidt 

Entrepreneur. Dreamer. Owner. Leader.

Mike Schmidt is on your team.

He launched his agency, Anchor Wave, in 2003 when he was just 22 years old. With a strong desire to become a leader in the web and digital marketing industry, Mike steadily built the business from a one-man operation to a 20+ person agency, making it a true small business success story.

Mike is driven by a desire to help business owners succeed and improve their lives. He understands that his success is dependent on their success and is committed to continually improving his business and offerings to better serve them.

His passionate for empowering individuals to take control of their lives and businesses shows in many ways. Through his work with Agency Coach, he provides clients with the knowledge and systems they need to see their own power and effect change in their world.

​As a leader, Mike embraces the spirit of transparency and collaboration. He values open communication and works closely with clients and his team to develop innovative solutions and achieve outstanding results. His dedication to excellence and commitment to improvement make him a valuable asset to his clients and the industry as a whole.

Meet AJ Rivera

Entrepreneur. FunnelHacker. DJ. Owner.  

AJ is a #FunnelHacker, entrepreneur, multiple 2 Comma Club award winner and partner in Anchor Wave ownership. He is the co-founder of Agency Coach and co-creator of the FunnelHub movement that is sweeping the #FunnelHacking community.

His experience managing online communities for Intuit (QuickBooks, TurboTax, etc) created a solid foundation for digital marketing strategies and a genuine desire in helping small businesses win. Having co-owned a multi 7-figure digital agency and being a business coach to digital agencies across the globe has allowed him to make major contributions to the funnel and digital marketing community. It’s the reason why he is featured in DotComSecrets, Traffic Secrets, speaks at Funnel Hacking Live and works with people like Russell Brunson, Garrett J. White, Steve Larsen, Lady Boss and more.

AJ works with thousands of digital agency owners around the world to help them achieve time and financial freedom through his online courses, coaching programs and private consulting.

​AJ is married with 4 kids…3 daughters and 1 son.

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Russell Brunson: Marketing Secrets

Mike and AJ go onto Russell Brunson's podcast, "The Marketing Secrets Show" to talk about FunnelHub. Check out Episode 507, "The Greatest 'Funnel' Opportunity That Everyone Missed (Including Me)..." for an engaging conversation about Russell's first experience and recognition of the power of the FunnelHub.  


Steve J Larsen

Steve Larsen was the first test of a funnel-drive website and it went well! So well that Steve had Mike and AJ on his podcast "Sales Funnel Radio" to talk about the new opportunity. Check out Episode 228, "Leveraging a FunnelHub." 



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