Modern customers are naturally skeptical. What can you do about it?

Trust is required for any purchase to happen.

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Lot's of people think this is how marketing works...

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The truth is... there is a lot more going on. Your customers are on a journey to feel certain about their buying decisions.

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If you break down the process of making decisions, consumers become little lawyers for themselves. They are investigating all angles of the purchase, and searching for evidence that either supports the natural skepticism, or builds positive confidence in the company’s claims.

All along the way they are gathering clues. Their due diligence will lead to certainty in one way or another.

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They will search online to find what they can and they will make many judgements about what and if they see about you. They will research reviews, which have become a top visibility in search engines -and the data shows they will read those with the same importance that they would give to a personal reference. They’ll continue to search, ask and collect data until they have done their own ‘lawyer’ job of interrogating this decision and found it to have either more...or less reason for skepticism.

If the evidence is positive, they reach what we call the "Trust Tipping Point." When Implemented correctly, and Trust Tipping Point is reached, they have no choice but to give you their money.

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If the result in what they find and experience about your company checks off those boxes in a positive way - you win their trust and they are ready to buy. Often it’s not a glaringly terrible black mark on your record that severs the opportunity to win their business, most often it’s simply a lack of attention to including these elements in your digital footprint that loses the sale.

And you begin a brand loyalty relationship that grows… And grows and grows...

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Once you provide value through an initial sale, you have the opportunity to engage with your customers through repeat business, exposure to other products. Your online strategy must move your customers to the Trust Tipping Point in each one of your marketing efforts.

How Do You Go About Creating Trust?

The Good News Is... We’ve discovered the reliable components that Create Trust and Predictable Results for any business or industry.

This is not like any website you’ve built before. In fact, it’s not like any website we had ever built before.

The reason we say Websites Must Go is because the New Web requires SOMETHING RADICALLY DIFFERENT, It requires the FunnelHub.

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