Leveraging a FunnelHub with Stephen J Larsen

Excerpt follows of the original interview between Stephen J Larsen and Mike & AJ of FunnelHub.

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The Death Of Website, But Birth Of The ‘FunnelHub’…

A FunnelHub is kind of a NEW term, and it’s something that Mike and AJ Rivera are experts in.

A funnel is NOT a website… but sometimes people still get confused…

About a year ago, somebody reached out to me, and said, “Hey would you please take a look at our funnel it’s not converting very well?”

They hired me to come in and work out what was going on. I went to look at their funnel… I opened up all their URLs, and immediately, off the bat, I could tell:

This is NOT a funnel. This is a website.


When I told them they were like, “No no, no, no, no, no. This is one hundred percent a funnel.”

I said: “No, one hundred percent, without a doubt, I swear on my life… *this* is NOT a funnel… because for starters, you’ve got exits all over the page.”

A funnel is a funnel because there’s only one way to progress. You either have to purchase or opt-in. If you can exit in any other way, besides that one way forward, it’s NOT a funnel. That, by definition, is a website.


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